Samsung Galaxy J9 | Price, Release Date, Specs & Features

Samsung Galaxy J9 would be a phone of latest style and plan that comes in low cost. As we all understand Samsung Galaxy J7 was unleash within the year 2017, that bring several latest feature on board. Equally Samsung Galaxy J9 may be a phone which could follow the line-up of Samsung’s latest edge less displays. Here we’ve got some data regarding Samsung Galaxy J9.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Samsung’s 2019 mid range smartphone.
  • When is it out? Probably in the middle of 2019.
  • How much will it cost? Like the Samsung Galaxy J7, the Samsung Galaxy J9 will be around $176.59.

Samsung Galaxy J9 release date

Given the particular undeniable fact that Samsung merely launched the Samsung Galaxy J7 within middle of year 2017. It’ll be safe to say that Samsung Galaxy J9 could also be fairly expected to hit the market within the mid-year 2019. Predicting from Samsung’s launching strategy, we tend to tend to feel that Samsung Galaxy J9 would have all possibilities to hit the market within the middle of year 2019. Since 3 launches unfold across few months gap have to be compelled to be enough to remain Samsung trending for a year. Given enough time to the company to need feedback from the market and work on its next flagship model.

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Samsung Galaxy J9 release date is not yet confirmed because Samsung is working on the Samsung Galaxy J8 which is going to release this year. But we can say that Samsung Galaxy J9 will release in the middle of 2019, between July and August.

Samsung Galaxy J9 Specification & Features

As Samsung Galaxy J7 has 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos 7870 processor with the RAM of 3 GB, we might say that Samsung Galaxy J9 would have around 2 GHz octa-core processor with the 4 GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy J7 has 16 GB of internal storage which may be expandable up to 256 GB via micro SD card, equally Samsung Galaxy J9 would have 32 GB of internal storage that is expandable up to 256 GB via micro SD card.

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As Samsung Galaxy J7 runs on android 7.0 Nougat and is supercharged by a large battery of 3600mAh. It implies that Samsung Galaxy J9 might have android 9.0 with the battery capability of up to 4000mAh.

Some Key Features

Processor: Latest octa-core Exynos Processor                    Android: Android Oreo 8.0

RAM: Upto 4GB                                                                          Internal Storage: upto 32GB

Camera: Rear: Upto 13MP     Front: Upto 13 MP

How Much Samsung Galaxy J9 Will Cost

Samsung has designed their J series as a mid-range smartphone, these phones are for their customers who didn’t need to spend a lot of amount on their smartphones.

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Samsung Galaxy J9 Price will be around $200 to $250, as the launch price of Samsung Galaxy J7 is $176.59. But still its a guess which is based upon the previous launch actual price may vary.

Samsung Galaxy J9 detailed specifications

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Detailed specitifications on Galaxy J9 which we have collected from many rumors and sources we have.


Galaxy J9 would have 4000 mAh battery capability that is removable. It might come in a pair of colours Black and Gold with the scale of 146.30 x 71.30 x 7.90.


This device would have 5.9 inches of display with the 1080×1920 pixels density.


This device can have a processor of frequency upto 2GHz octa-core. It might have Exynos Processor that is specially created by Samsung for their own smartphones. It’d have 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage that is expandable upto 256 GB.


As we all know, everyone is launching phone with the camera that has portrait mode feature, so we can guess that Samsung J9 will also have the portrait mode feature on both front and the back facing camera.

It would have 16 megapixel auto primary camera which could have the standard of pros cameras. Its front facing camera would be upto 16 megapixel.


As Google launch new Android version almost every year, so we can guess that Galaxy J9 will have the Android versions which would release in the year 2019.

From the fact of Google Android versions launching, we can say that Samsung J9 will have Android 9.0 on board.

Other Features

Samsung Galaxy J9 would have twin sim feature. It’d have NFC and quick charging feature that comes in USB type C port with 4G LTE like its previous brothers. It’d have Super Amoled display board. Galaxy J9 can have Compass/ magnetometer, Proximity sensing element, measuring system sensor, ambient light sensing element, gyroscope sensing element, barometer sensing element and Temperature detector on board.

Does Samsung Galaxy J9 Will Be The Phone With Flexible Display?

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As we all know Samsung is working on a flexible display. Many rumors are that it will be coming in smartphone first which will launch in the year 2018. So Samsung Galaxy J9 will be the phone which is coming in the year 2019. So there are some possibilities that Samsung Galaxy J9 will have the flexible display too. Flexible displays are no breakable display and can be bendable in any direction. Which also solve the problem of breaking the phone in the pocket. So what you think is this phone will also have the flexible display or not?

Final Words

All these info was collect from rumors and fans that is predicated on the actual fact of previous launches of Samsung Galaxy J series. Sometimes these rumors become true, as these all are supported the previous data and facts that Samsung tend to try and do throughout the launch of their new phones.

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