Samsung Galaxy J10 | Price, Release Date, Specs & Features

Samsung Galaxy J10 will be a phone of latest innovations and ideas that comes in very low price then other phones of similar specifications. As we all know Samsung Galaxy J7 was released in the year 2017, that bring many latest and enhance features on board. Similarly Samsung J10 may be a phone which could follow the lineup of Samsung’s latest flexible display. Here we got some news and data about Samsung J10.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Samsung’s 2020 mid-range smartphone.
  • When is it out? Probably in the middle of 2020.
  • How much will it cost? Like the Samsung Galaxy J7, the Samsung Galaxy J10 will be around $276.59.

Samsung Galaxy J10 release date

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Given the undeniable particular fact that Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy J7 in the middle of 2017. Then it will be safe to say that Samsung Galaxy J10 could also be expected to hit the ground in the mid of year 2020. Predicting from Samsung’s latest launching technique, we can say that Samsung J10 could have the possibilities to hit the market between June and July of 2020. 

So we can say that Samsung Galaxy J10 would release within June and July in the year 2020.

Samsung Galaxy J10 Specification & Features

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As we all know Samsung Galaxy J7 has 1.6 Ghz octa core Exynos 7870 processor with the RAM of 3 GB, we can say that Samsung Galaxy J10 would have around 2.5 Ghz octa Core Exynos latest processor of that time with the RAM up to 6 GB. Samsung Galaxy J7 has 16 GB of on board storage which is expandable up to 256 GB by micro SD card, Similarly Samsung J10 would have 64 GB of Storage which may be expandable up to 256 GB by micro SB card. 

As we all know Samsung Galaxy J7 runs on android 7.0 Nougat and had a big battery of 3500mAh. It implies that Samsung J10 would have Android 10.0 with a large battery of capacity up to 5000 mAh.

Some Key Features

Processor: Latest octa-core Exynos Processor                    Android: Android 10.0

RAM: Up to 5GB                                                                          Internal Storage: up to 64GB

Camera: Rear: Up to 20MP     Front: Up to 20MP

Samsung Galaxy J10 Price

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As we all have idea that Samsung has designed their J series smartphone for the people who does not want to spend much on their smartphones. So we can say that Samsung J10 won’t be much expansive like other J series Smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy J10 would worth up to $200 at the launch time but this price can be differ.

Samsung Galaxy J10 detailed specifications

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Detailed specifications on Samsung Galaxy J10 which we have collected from many rumors and sources we have.


Samsung J10 would have up to 5000 mAh battery capacity that is not removable. It would come in the two colors Black and Gold with the size scale of 146.30 x 71.30 x 7.90.


Samsung Galaxy J10 would have flexible display as Samsung promise to launch a phone with flexible display in 2018 so, we could say that the phone of 2020 would be a one which has flexible super amoled display of 6 inches.


As J series are the cheapest phone from Samsung in the market. So, we can say that Samsung J10 would have 2.5 GHz octa core Exynos latest chip set which is boasted with the RAM up to 6 GB. Samsung Galaxy J10 would come with the 64 GB of external storage which is expandable up to 256 GB by micro SB card.


As we all know these years phones are coming with the feature of dual cameras which offer portrait mode. The portrait mode has a feature of taking a picture with blur background. We can say that Samsung J10 would also have the similar featured camera both on the front and the back which allow user to take picture with blur background.

It’s front facing camera would be 20 MP shooter. The back or rear camera would also be 20 megapixel shooter with both have portrait mode built-in and many other similar features.


As Google launch Android new version almost every year. So, it is safe to say that Samsung J10 would launch with the Android 10.0.


Samsung Galaxy J10 would have dual sim feature which both support 4G or may be 5G too. It do have quick charge feature with wireless quick charging. Built-in NFC is also in it and it would be a phone which is water proof. Samsung J10 might have a best display of that time and it would come with barometer sensing element, measuring system sensor, Proximity sensing element, Compass/ magnetometer, ambient light sensing element, gyroscope sensing element and Temperature detector on board.

Does Samsung J10 will be a Phone with Flexible Display?

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We heard in the year 2017 that Samsung is working on flexible displays which they will release first in smartphones. It would be possible that this flexible display will hit the market in the year 2018. Samsung Galaxy J10 will be phone which is coming in the year 2020. So we can say that this phone will also have the flexible display on board with the help of which we could bend the phone in any direction.

Final Words

All of these information was collected from rumors and fans and totally based upon the predictions and on the fact of previous launches of Samsung Galaxy J series smartphones. Sometimes these predications become true, as these all are based on the previous facts.

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