Facts About Nails

These 10 things you probably don’t know about you nails. On average, nails grow about one tenth on an inch in a month. The nail which grow fastest of most is a middle finger one.

Well Formed White Half Moon

A well formed white half moon is an indicator of good thyroid health and digestion.

Pale Lunula 

A pale lunula indicates possible diabetes, white yellow colored nails means fungal infection.

No Half Moon

No half moon on nails means a weak thyroid. That can lead to depression, mood swings, weight gain and thinning of hair.

Cracks On Nails

Cracks on the nails may indicate skin disease.

Blue Coloration

Blue coloration around the half moon indicates possible lung or circulatory problems. The organs are not getting enough oxygen.

Very Small Lunula

A very small lunula usually indicates low immunity and indigestion problem. It may happen due to slow metabolism and toxin overload in the body.

White Nails

White nails depict liver problems like hepatitis or jaundice.

Bent Nails

If the nails is bent or pinched, there is deficiency of Vitamin B-12 and iron in body.

Dark Lines

Dark lines on nails can indicates onset of melanoma a kind of skin cancer.

White Spots

White spots on nails depict vitamin deficiency in body or an allergic reaction.