Why Your Phone Slows Down Over Time.

There are numbers of reasons, why your phones slows down over time. In this post, we are going to describe common reasons which cause your phone to slow down just after few months useage.

OS Upgrades

When you first bought your smart phones, these might be running on the OS which were release with certain set of hardware specs.

If we take a look at the hardware specifications of current year are drastically updated. In both Android and ISO many features have been added. However, all these features are made for new hardware specs. So, if you have an outdated phone with newer versions of operating systems, then this might be a reason for the slowness of your phone.

However, its very hard to ignore these updates, but minor updates are okay, but if your phone come in Android KitKat and you are thinking to upgrade it to Android Nougat then be ready for difficulties.

App Updates

Everyone wants new apps and games in their Android and IOS devices. That so called light weight apps and games that you have installed can be transformed into heavy weight over time. The main reason behind these apps are “Updates”. Developers are constantly make changes in their apps, and every new updates bring some new features, which cause the slowness of your phones.

The best thing that you can do is if you feel the app become heavy and eating more RAM, Replace it with some app which has similar functionalities, but light weight.

Apps Running In The Backgrounds

Other things involve in slowing down you phone, are background apps. You have almost 90% more apps installed on your phones then when you first got your phone. Just take a look at your phone’s Setting->Apps.

The main problem arises when most of these apps are keep running in the background without any reason. There are many system apps like phone, messaging, email services which are always active, because shutting these apps cause your phone some harms. but the problem is there are many other useless apps which always keep active without any reason, these types of apps use CPU and RAM of you phones and cause the slowness of you phone.

So, make sure to uninstall or disable the apps that uses more RAM and CPU.

Memory Degradation

Smart phones run on the flash memory unit, NAND is the most common type of flash memory. NAND memory get slower when its full. In other words, NAND memory need some free space to run operations efficiently.

The best thing is always keep clearing your cache memory which help you in freeing down some of your storage, and always stick with 80% of your device’s total memory. For example, if you have 32 GB of internal storage, don’t cross 24 GB threshold.

Higher Expectations

After seeing some high end smart phones, sometime, we think our phone is slower. We humans always seek more and more. You can’t compare your Galaxy S5 with Galaxy S8. So, you should accept it and buy new high end phone.

So What you think, Please comment bellow.