LG G8 Smartphone | News, Release Date, Specs, Features & Price

As we all know LG electronics release their G series flagship smartphone every year, LG G8 will be going to release in the year 2019 after LG G7 which is coming in 2018, and we know almost everything about LG G7, but we have bought some news about the phone which will release one year after the LG G7. We have gathered this information from rumors which belong to the LG G series fan.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? LG’s 2019 flagship smartphone
  • When is it out? Probably early 2019
  • How much will it cost? Like the G6, the LG G8 will be around $729 (about £568, AU$967)

LG G8 Release Date

Given the actual fact that LG Electronics simply launched the LG G6 within the start of this year, it will be safe to mention that LG G7 may be fairly expected to hit the market early in the year 2018. Predicting from LG’s Launching strategy, we tend to feel that LG G8 would have all chances to hit the market in the year early 2019, since three launches unfold across few month gaps ought to be enough to stay LG trending for a year, provide enough time to the company to require feedback from the market and work on its next flagship model.

LG G8 Specifications and Features

LG G8 Display

LG is famous for producing best smartphones in the market which is powered by best onboard features and these features are powered by this phone specs so, here we have few rumors about the specifications and features of LG G8


As we all know this is an era of displays, almost every smartphone company try to build a phone which provides the best display in the market and most of these displays come with the bezel-less screen. Similarly, LG G8 would have the super AMOLED 18:9 ratio display with around 600-pixels per inches. This display will come in 1440 x 2880 pixels resolution which will be quad HD. There are the chances that this smartphone will have the 98% display to body ratio because this ration is increasing day by day with the launches of phones like LG G6 has 78.6% screen-to-body ratio.

There are the chances that LG G8 will have 6 inches AMOLED display because the screen sizes are getting bigger and bigger day by day.

The latest Snapdragon Chipset

The LG G6 has Qualcomm MSM 8996 Snapdragon 821 which is Quad-core (2×2.35 GHz Kryo & 2×1.6 GHz Kryo) with the Adreno 530 GPU and this is powered by 4 GB of RAM, so there are the possibilities that LG G8 which will be the phone of 2019 will have 845 Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor which was released last year and which is much faster and better than many other processors out there in market.

But as we all know we are talking about the flagship phone of LG and this phone will going to release in the year 2019, and there are the chances that Snapdragon will release there latest processor this year which might be Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 so, maybe LG will use this latest processor in there flagship phone of 2019.


As we all know in the year 2018 everyone is producing the smartphone with 3 to 4 cameras on board, even I have heard the Oppo is working on a smartphone which will be going to have 7 cameras, 6 rear cameras and 1 front facing camera, sound crazy? Yeah, this war between smartphone companies is getting crazy with passing days. So, we can expect that LG will also follow this war and produce a smartphone which will have no 7 because of this sound weird but 4 cameras which will produce portrait mode from both front and the back side because everyone wants that mode on their smartphones along with many other features which include, geo-tagging, face detection, touch focus, HDR plus and many others which we don’t know yet but soon will.


LG G6 was released with Android 7.0 (Nougat) and now Android 8.0 Orea has been released and Google is working on Android 9.0 P so, there are the chances that LG G8 will have the latest android which is Android 9.0 P out of the box.


The battery is the main part of every smartphone for me, because if your battery won’t last a day or two then you have not a smartphone you have a laptop which needs the charge every 3 hours. And LG G6 has Non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh battery which is pretty good and there are the chances that LG G8 will have around 4000 mAh battery and this capacity of the battery is very much long-lasting.



Other Details


LG is famous for produce best smartphones to date not the best but best like average best and these smartphones have many unique features other than any smartphone company. This smartphone will also have these features which no other phone will have because everyone is on the struggle to beat other and LG competitors are Samsung and Apple which is going very fast in technology.

G8 will be launched with 64, 124 and 256 storage capacity and these are expandable with the micro SD card. This phone will have best camera best and the fast security sensors.

LG G8 Price

As launch price of LG G6 is $720. So, we can say that expected price of LG G8 will be between $1000 to $1500. 

Final Words

Nothing of these that we have told you up there are officially launced by LG but these are consist of total rumors which belong to the fans of LG so don’t take these serious but we will update you if we have something new about this phone.

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