Lenovo P3 | Vibe P3 | Release Date, Price, Specifications & Features

Lenovo P3 also known as Lenovo Vibe P3 will be a phone with a bigger battery capacity and better specifications then its popular successor Lenovo P2. Lenovo smart phones are famous because of its bigger battery capacity and comes in low price range. Specially designed for users who does not like to spend much money on their smart phones. Today here we have news about Lenovo Vibe P3 which will release in December 2018.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Lenovo’s 2018 smartphone.
  • When is it out? Probably in the middle of 2018.
  • How much will it cost? Like the Lenovo P2, the Lenovo P3 will be around $253.39 to $255.21.

What is Lenovo

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Lenovo Group Ltd. or Lenovo PC International, is a Chines multinational company with the head quarters in Beijing, It develops, designs sells and manufactures computers, tablet smartphones, servers, work stations, IT management softwares, electronics storage devices and smart televisions. Lenovo is the world largest computer vendor by sales since 2013. It is operational in more then 60 countries and sell its products in more then 160 countries. 

In the start Lenovo was famous for producing personal computers, but with increasing the need of smartphone, Lenovo decides to produce smartphones. They launched their first smartphone on 28 April 2014 which is available exclusively on JD.com.

Lenovo P3 | Lenovo Vibe P3 Release Date

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As we all know Lenovo P2 was released on November 2016. Similarly their are the chances that Lenovo P3 will release in the middle of 2018 which is also known as Lenovo Vibe P3. It will give Lenovo enough time to produce a smartphone which is much better and faster then its successor P2.

Lenovo P3 | Lenovo Vibe P3 Design & Display

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Starting with design, Lenovo went all in now with its massive guns and made the P2 with all-metal body style and within the Lenovo P3 can we see a similar style philosophy. The Lenovo Vibe P3 are going to be an All-metal phone, with a definite placement of antenna bands to give totally different look because in Lenovo’s world different is best. And there’s an excellent probability at this point that the company would possibly hop on to the 18:9 aspect ratio screen that because it’s very much famous now a days. Lenovo hasn’t nonetheless released a smartphone with 18:9 aspect ratio display yet, thus it might be quite fascinating to envision Lenovo’s strive against this.

Apart from that, the display can use identical Super AMOLED panel with 1080p resolution, with skinny bezels all around it. Another factor you’ll expect from the Lenovo P3 is to feature the Dolby Atmos sound improvement that Lenovo likes to give currently into its phones.

Lenovo P3 | Lenovo Vibe P3 Specifications & Features

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Now let’s dive into what the specs of the Lenovo P3 can support. Beginning with the processor, the P2 featured the Qualcomm snapdragon 625 that is an Octa-core chip which is clocked at 2.1GHz. whereas on the Lenovo Vibe P3, Lenovo may come with the snapdragon 630 that is much better and faster than snapdragon 325, which Lenovo P2 has, another choice for the Lenovo P3 is that the snapdragon 635, that is additionally powering the Motorola Moto X4. It’s the long-rumored snapdragon 635, that’s said to be half-hour quicker and improved upon the 630, and is confirmed to arrive in 2018.

Lenovo P3 | Lenovo Vibe P3 Detail Specifications


Like Lenovo P2, Lenovo P3 will have 153.00 x 76.00 x 8.20 Dimensions, and it weight is upto 177.00 gram. I might have the battery capacity of upto 6000mAh which is non removable. It will release in 2 colors Champagne Gold, Graphite Grey.


The display size of Lenovo P3 will be around 6 Inches which will be the 1080p resolution display with aspect ration of 18:9. This aspect ration is quiet famous now and Lenovo might also follow the same display lineup.


Lenovo is famous for producing phones which comes in low price but have specifications of expensive phones. The hardware of Lenovo P3 will be much better then many flagship phone that we found today. Starting with its Processor. The Lenovo Vibe P3 will have 2.5 Ghz octa-core processor which will clocked upto 3 Ghz. This processor will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 or 635 which will be powered by 4 GB of RAM. It will comes with the storage capacity of 64 GB which will be expandable upto 256 GB with micro SD card.


It’s raining twin cameras, and Huwaei even introduced a four camera phone, therefore it is sensible that Lenovo will attempt to squeeze in as several sensors as attainable. With the Lenovo K8 Note, it brought the Dual-camera’s one RGB whereas the opposite one was Monochrome. On the other hand, Xiaomi’s Mi A1 contains a telephoto and an optical lens, therefore we will expect the Lenovo P3 to come back with one RGB detector and therefore the different would most likely be a wide-angle device.

However, instead, I believe a solid single camera setup with a killer image process also will fulfil. Simply check out the pixel it will the Bokeh impact with one sensor. Apparently, it’s a high-end device. However all the great pictures it takes comes from all the software system black-magic pixel will. So, investment in software system to induce higher pictures may be a higher possibility than stuffing in several lenses, that can’t do justice to your portrait shots. on the other hand} again, budget phones in the main sell, due to the numbers, a lot of megapixels, large RAM sizes, higher battery capacities, that the Lenovo P3 already has; however initial nailing the essential is sort of outstanding and may be the priority for all OEMs.


Lenovo P2 launch with Android 6.0.1 and is upgradeable at Android 7.0. So there are possibilities that Lenovo P3 will launch with Android 7.0 and is upgradeable to Android 8.0.


This is one of a main feature of the Lenovo P3 and is that the reason why the device exists. Therefore we tend to don’t expect Lenovo to go crazy with numbers. However we predict now it’s additional of an improvement game than simply throwing in large numbers. A small bump from 5100mAh to 6000mAh is kind of acceptable. The next-gen processors from Qualcomm will have a similar or higher potency so; battery life goes to be spectacular on the coming Lenovo P3 also called Lenovo vibe P3.

As you’ll understand, that with superpower comes great responsibilities, and therefore the pledge to induce this power back to the Lenovo P3 has got to be done by a quick charging facility like no different. No one likes to wait for three or four hours to urge their batteries charged up. Particularly once you are sporting a large 6000mAh and electrical converter. So, we tend to expect Lenovo to equip the P3 with Qualcomm fast Charge.

Final Words

Right now this is all we have about Lenovo P3 but we will update your if we heard something new about this phone. please subscribe to our blog and be updated to our latest article and also check Samsung Galaxy J10

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