Facts About This World

Love to learn about the weird fascinating science and some crazy coincidences that make-up our human experience. Then you have came to the right place.

1. Left-Handed

Only 10% of the people in the whole world are left-handed.

2. Laziness

Studies confirm that laziness is actually a natural trait of teenagers and id doesn’t reflect negative and or bad behavior.

3. Smilies 

The inventor of the smiley face symbol, Harvey Ball, was paid just $45 for the design.

4. Intelligent Men & Women

Intelligent men and women are easily annoyed by people in general but tend to say nothing in attempt to avoid meaningless arguments.

5. Amazon

The arrow in Amazon’s logo means they have everything from A to Z.

6. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee had trained his moves to be so fast that he could actually catch grains of rice in mid-air by only using chopsticks.

7. Smell of Moon

According to NASA, the moon smells like gunpowder.

8. Snooker

Snooker was invented in Jabalpur, India in the year 1875, which is a poor city and they have lack of toilets.

9. First Camera

To have your picture taken by the first camera ever, you had to sit still for 8 hours.

10. Natural Alarm

Some people actually have a “natural alarm clock” which allow them to wake up whenever they want. This waking up is actually caused by stress.