Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying iPhone X

Hello everyone iPhone X just announced four days ago, decision for this phone is just in the presentation we got on stage so, from that presentation, it spawned a whole new sea of much more interesting question about the phone and these are the five most important of those.

1. How Good is Face ID

Well first of all the actual facial recognition technology is supposed to be really good it shouldn’t be fooled by a photo of you, it shouldn’t be fooled by people who kind of look like you, it should work in the dark and new question I’ve seen though is, if you actually have an identical twin that looks identical to you will that fool it? And answers yeah probably will.

Question: If your girlfriend holds your phone up to your face while you’re sleeping to unlock it will that work?

Answer: No! Because it won’t work when your eyes are closed, you have to open your eyes to use face ID so Apples got your back there.

One more think that people have been talking about is it looked like face ID failed in the first ever demo that Apple gave to the public which is what they did on stage with that new iPhone, let’s take a look at exactly what happened.

So since then Apple has actually come out with an official explanation for what happened that they gave to nine to five Mac which was this

“People were handling the device for stage demo ahead of time” says a rep “and didn’t realize Face ID was trying to authenticate their face. After failing a number of times, because they weren’t Craig, the iPhone did what it was designed to do, which was to require his passcode.” In other words. “Face ID worked as it was designed to.”

So, it makes perfect sense you know how if you try the wrong fingerprint enough times in a row it will ask you for your password if you do like 8-10 times in a row it stops listening to the fingerprint and just says put in your PIN, well apparently it’s the same thing if you try the wrong face too many times in a row so, to me that just raises a question if people just look at your phone randomly is that gonna count as a failed unlock attempt, like well there just be tons maybe hundreds of failed to unlock attempts if you just leave your phone on a table for too long and people walk by and look at it does that count are we all gonna be like Craig.

2. One Handed-ness

This is not a really easy one handed phone when you compare it to the current iPhone 7 plus or eight plus, iPhone X does has a smaller body, yes! But, it’s still a larger display which means you will have to reach further no matter how small the bezels are. Well, made me notice this was having the home button or the home swipe all the way at bottom and the control center all the way up at the top, now someone who uses control center a lot that is a serious stretch.

3. Recycled Features?

Is anything about this new phone is actually new? No!

I mean pretty much every single new feature we saw at demo on stage or highlighted or headlined about the iPhone X we have seen it before in some other phones.

The bezel less display with a notch at the top, while the essential phone literally just did that. But many other phones have been bezel less over the past couple years their own ways.

Wireless Charging this has been around for a while as well just last year Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, LG V30 have all had wireless charging plus many others.

Face Unlock that was a key new feature back in the days of android 4.0, plus Note 7 came out last year with Iris Scanning, even augmented reality there has been entire phone built around that experience.

But the fact is that doesn’t really matter, I mean you have heard this before, Apple is never really first to things but they tend to lag behind and then when it’s well established they leap in an do it really well.

4. Is it worth $1000?

I think the better question is iPhone X what does it do for a thousand bucks that the cheaper new iPhone 8 doesn’t do.

So first of all its an OLED display so it will have a higher contrast ratio, more saturated colous, pitch black blacks, it support HDR now, it’s just overall going to look better. It also has a higher resolution 2436 by 1125 at 458 pixels per inch and you also now get to say you have a super Retina Display and of course the display is fillscreen edge to edge, much smaller bezels no chin, you also have optically stabilized both cameras instead of just one so, the telephoto lens should have much better performance in low light, much better video stabilization etc.

Everything else is exactly the same specs, performance, the ip67 rating, wireless charging, bluetooth 5.0, the selfie camera, all that stuff is exactly the same on both.

5. Random Little Questions

Like how you take a screen shot if there is no home button?

Having Face ID as your unlock prevent you from being able to just like sneak your phone in class or like sneak use it during meetings? Yes! But also you could use your passcode like before.

Will a case or a skin at the back of a phone interrupt wireless charging? The answer is No! The skins are so thin no problem you can put it on the pad it could still work.