Apple iPhone 20 | News, Specs, Features & Price

We all are seeing how fast technology is changing, recently we have experience new look of iPhone which comes in iPhone X, have you ever wonder what iPhone 20 might look like, what are its features, what it can do, what it looks like and how much will it cost. Here we have few ideas about iPhone 20’s specs, features, price range and concepts.

iPhone 20 design : What it might look like?

iPhone 20

As we all know technology is changing so fast, have you ever wonder what iPhone 20 which comes 10 years after might looks like, it might be a phone which has only display, or a one with transparent display, what we have seen in science fiction movies.

It might be a one which has 3D display, or it might has a projection display, with which you can see its display on some flat surface.

Anything could be possible because we don’t know what technology might become from 10 years after.

iPhone 20 specifications: What’s going to be inside the iPhone 20?

iPhone 20

Expect something much better from what we have today.


iPhone 20 might have an A-series chip which is much faster than any other phone that we have today. It may be has multiple core that is not even discovered today.


It might have 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage, as Apple is increasing phone storage anything might be possible.


It might have not only wireless charging but a feature with which you can charge your phone anywhere without plugging it in or without even resting the phone on some charging pad, but in your pocket.


It might have the best display which is not a retina but a display which seem like it is printing on something, it might feel like we are seeing something which is printed on paper. 


As we have seen cameras of today iPhone, which is the best in the smart phone market, iPhone 20 might has a camera which is much better than today professional cameras, like Canon DSLRs.


Other features

iPhone 20 might have the features which we could not even imagine today, it might have a display which is 3D, means we can see anything in 3D without a need of glasses, may be display pop out of the screen.

It might have a true wireless charging feature which you can charge your phone in your pocket without putting your phone is some flat display.

It might have not only a finger print or face ID scanner but a body scanner by which your phone will keep unlock until you are holding it in your pocket or in your hand.

Concepts: What it looks like

Here we have few concept of iPhone 20 what it look like.

There are something that we think iPhone 20 might be if you think something else about iPhone 20 let us know via commenting below, or you can also contact us via contact us page

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