How to Spot a Liar: 4 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Liar

Lies are everywhere, however it might be sad to acknowledge. Being lied to someone isn’t very pleasant.

StuffLoads researched 4 subconscious behaviors of liars and we think you should know about them to spot if someone is lying to you. In addition there is also a bonus method at the end of article that work in 98% of cases.

1. There is Negativity in liar’s speech

Because of their subconscious guilty of their own lies, liars usually have negativity in their speeches.

2. Liars Always Avoid Mentioning Themselves

Liars tend to avoid talking about themselves, when they distort the truth. They write or speak about third person to put some distance between themselves and their lies.

3. Liars Always Chose Confusing Wording

Liars always chose intricate and complicated sentence structure, despite simple and easy explanations.

4. Liars Use as Simple as Possible Explanation

Because of the confusion of thinking some complicated lie, liars normally chose easy explanation for their lies. Evaluation and judgment are very complex thing and very difficult to calculate.

Bonus: Eyes Never Lie

I you are not able to notice above signals and still have doubts about whether the person is lying or not, look closely into the eyes of person. Lying make us nervous, which results in an increased pupil dilation and heartbeat.