Everything About IPhone 8 | Release Date, Price & Storage.

Hello everyone some crucial iPhone 8 information has been leaked, these information consist of three pieces, we know the storage, we know the price and we know the actual release date along with couple other little things.

Release Date

In close communication with several telecoms companies that will be selling iPhone 8, Mac4ever is reporting that they actually know the release date the iPhone 8 will be announced on, and they’re saying it will be September 12, 2017, now this does make sense because, its Tuesday and if, we look at every other date that Apple has released an iPhone on, it has always been a Tuesday for the most parts, then they pre-orders on Friday, in this case it will be September 15 with final release, they say on September 22, 2017.

Storage Sizes

Now a Chinese poster geek bar has actually released the storage sizes for the iPhone 8, and they’re not matching up with what we have heard before. Previously it was supposed to be 64 and 256 gigabytes, now they’re saying that there will be three storage tiers. Starting at 64 gigabytes which double the existing 32 gigabytes entry level, then there will be 256 gigabytes of storage, and the last but not the least we have 512 gigabytes of storage.

The question that has rise on everyone’s mind that, who could and why anyone should need that much storage in their iPhone, the possible explanation for that is 4k video with the new Apple TV app, Apple will be announcing at the events, a 4k plus HDR with this new display or in beginning HDR possible as well on it.


A writer from New York Times is claiming that, he actually knows the pricing of the iPhone 8 for the entry level models as he’s been talking to people that have been briefed on the product or the iPhone 8.

Now he is saying that the entry level model which in collaboration with the earlier rumor we just heard, 64 gigabytes will start at 999 USD, the 256 gigabytes will be available at 1099 USD, and the 512 gigabytes device will be at 1199 USD.

Other Little Features

Now there will be face ID and wireless charging will be on board, and it will be very possible that Apple iPhone 8 may  be Apple pencil support.

Thats all we know about iPhone 8 we will keep you up to date about any new thing that come into our knowledge.

Thanks for reading.