Careem Promo Codes | September 2018 Update

Careem Promo Codes | September 2018 Update

Copy these code and past it in the Careem promo codes section in your Careem app. If you don’t know how to apply these code check this link: How to use Careem promo code?


Blessed Friday For Meezan Bank Customers

Use this Careem promo code and get 40% discount on your Friday rides.

Terms & Conditions: Promo Max Discount Rs. 150 | Usage per account: 10 |  Valid from 5th May to 27th July; Fridays only | Valid on all car types | Valid on Meezan Bank Debit Cards only

Careem Promo Code For Telemart Ride

Use this Careem promo code while checking out at and get Rs.500 off on all orders above  Rs.3000.

Terms & Conditions: This promo code gives you the discount on orders not on your Careem rides | Limited time offer

Careem TEZZ First Free Ride

Use this Careem promo code to get first ride of Tezz completely free.

Terms & Conditions: Valid on TEZZ Rides Only | Enter the promo code before booking a ride | Valid for first ride of TEZZ only

Careem Airport Discount Promo Code

Use this Careem promo code to get 15% off your ride to/from the airport!

Terms & Conditions: Max Discount Rs. 150 | Add to/from locations: Airport before adding promocode | Valid on Go+ and Business rides only | Valid for Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan & Faislabad

Careem Fitness Program Promo Code

Use this Careem promo code to get 20% off your ride to/from our gym partners and show your Careem e-receipt to get upto 40% discounts on their registration fee!

Find Careem partner gyms here: CareemFitnessProgram

Careem Mardan First Free Ride Promo Code

Careem launches operations in Mardan! Use this Careem promo code and get your first ride completely free

Terms & Conditions: Valid for Mardan only | Limited time offer.

Careem Thursday Promo Code

Use this Careem promo code on Thursday and get discount of 120 on your every ride

Terms & Conditions:  Valid every Thursday only.

Careem Sargodha First Free Ride

Use this Careem promo code and get 100% off on your first ride.

Terms & Conditions:  Valid for a limited time period | Maximum ride discount Rs. 200 | Valid in Sargodha only

Shop Till You Drop! For Xinhua Mall

Use this Careem Promo code and get 20% off on your ride to and from the Xinhua Mall


Let’s Go Shopping! Boulevard Mall

Use this Careem Promo code and get 20% off on your ride to/from the Boulevard Mall

Careem Free Bike Ride

As we all know Careem has stated bike service, so we have Careem Promo Code For Bike, Use this Careem Bike Promo Code and get Careem Bike First Ride Free.

Discount For Telenor Users

If you have Telenor sim then you can get 20% discount on your next 4 rides by using this Careem promo code

Careem First Ride Promo Code

Get flat 20% discount on your Careem first ride with Careem cab by using this Careem First Ride Careem promo Code.

Careem Credit Card Discount

Get flat 25% discount on your ride if you have added your credit card in payment method, by using this Careem promo code.

Careem Promo Code: Invite your friends

Use your personal invite code to refer your friends and get Rs.200 Careem balance every time your friend sign up by using your invite code.

Careem Promo Code For Food Lover

Careem has launched promo codes for food lover. Find your city and your restaurant Careem promo code here: and get discount on your ride to/from these restaurants.

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Careem Promo Codes | September 2018 Update
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What is Careem

stuffloads careem promo codes image 2

Careem is one of the fastest growing transporting networks worldwide. Careem was established in March 2012 and its co-founders are Mudassir Sheikh, Abdullah Elyas, and Magnus Olsson. Careem was founded in Dubai and it serves in 53 cities in South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. It is based on a mobile app by which you can book a ride and can travel where ever you want to. Careem launches its promo codes for their customers which provide some extra discounts on every ride, and today we bring these promo codes for you.

Countries Where Careem Is Operating

Careem is operating in the following countries.

  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Jordan
  • Pakistan
  • Morocco
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon

Careem Promo Codes

Careem Promo Codes

Careem is one of the best taxi service company which provide promo codes for their customers. These promo codes are exactly designed to get more customer traffic and to help their customers who love discounts.

How we get these Careem promo codes

Stuffloads is basically designed as a blog in the start but after spending the time over the internet we think about why not help people by providing all the discount codes. We don’t just provide only the promo codes of Careem but we also have promo codes of Uber and Daraz which are also very famous and we update all these discount codes on daily basis to help our views to get fresh code everytime they look into our website.

We have a team, and their work is to find and upload promo codes. mostly they found these promo codes from Careem officials. We do have links in Careem company and they help us in retrieving these promo codes.

Mostly Ask Questions about Careem

Here we have the answers to a few questions that are mostly ask about Careem.

Can a Careem captain cancel the ride?

Yes a Careem captain can cancel the ride in certain conditions, such as you have booked a ride and Careem captain reached the destination, then he can wait for maximum 10 minutes and if you don’t sit in the car in these 10 minutes then Careem captain has two options, one of which is that cancel the ride straight away and you will be charged by a fine, and the second one is that he starts the ride after 10 minutes and you will be charged as long as he does not cancel the right which can be proved as a worse nightmare for you.

Can we avoid ride cancelation charges?

Yes, if you don’t want the ride after booking you can cancel it in first two minutes then you can avoid cancelation charges.

How to avoid refusal of the ride from the captain?

Firstly it is important to put the destination location before booking the ride so, the captain can get the idea where he is going to drop you. It is also important to communicate to the captain by calling him after booking the ride, communication is always better.

Why does the captain not arrive at my destination location?

Sometimes due to technical issues you phone does not show the exact location of yours, and sometimes your location service is off which won’t allow Careem app to show your location that’s why always remember to turn the location service on before booking a ride. You can also avoid this problem by calling the captain and tell him about your exact location.

The captain marked as arrive but he did not come what to do next?

if a captain marked as arrive, you can check his location in the app and if he is too far from your location you can contact support in the app and ask them to cancel this ride and book me another one, this one can save you from cancelation charges and give a penalty to the captain.

How can we use same promo code multiple times?

you can use one Careem promo code multiple times if you have multiple cell numbers. What you need to do is download and install the app Parallel Space on your smartphone which can allow you to make multiple accounts in one mobile phone by using these multiple accounts you can use same promo code multiple times.

Here at Stuffloads we launch promo codes on regular basis, please visit our website frequently so, you can be updated from every new promo code. Registered & Protected